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Houssam Eddine Hairi High School
Houssam Eddine Hairi High School
ثانوية حسام الدين الحريري

School News

Poètes, illustrateurs et cinéastes  - Middle School

15 April 2015



Après de longs moments de lecture, moments incomparables de réflexion, les élèves de la classe de 4ème organisent une rencontre avec la poète francophone Tatiana TANNOUS, afin d'approfondir leur connaissance littéraire et surtout poétique. Grâce à leur esprit critique et bienveillant, nos élèves plongent dans les moindres détails de la poésie et captent tout ce qui les concerne en tant que jeunes écrivains. Extrêmement motivés et enthousiastes, ils vont très loin en illustrant les thèmes du recueil "Fleurs sans épines" dans des tableaux surprenants, et vénèrent les mots par leur douceur en rédigeant des poèmes par le biais de leurs propres plumes. En effet, leurs vers font vibrer les âmes, leurs dessins surpassent la magie et caressent les cœurs affligés. Et leurs questions…. Leurs questions découvrent tous les secrets d'un écrivain pour se mettre enfin dans la peau de Victor HUGO, MAUPASSANT, VERLAINE et autres… En outre, nos élèves sont également des cinéastes: ils ont réalisé des films en s'inspirant des thèmes abordés dans le recueil poétique de Tatiana TANNOUS.
Depuis toujours, la lecture était une source d'évasion. Désormais, avec nos élèves, elle est devenue un moyen de créativité qui sensibilise tous les talents cachés et stimule les compétences honorables des jeunes générations qui se lancent audacieusement au cœur de la vie.


LAU Annual Sciences and Arts Fair - High School

14 April 2015



Starting November 25th, 2014, some high school students signed up to participate in LAU Sciences and Arts Fair. The registration closed on December 12th and nine teams were formed in eight different categories.
The assigned day was April the 2nd, our students went through a long day of concurrent and consecutive competitions that were but another proof of their great abilities in different fields, both curricular and extracurricular. This was crowned by winning the third place in philosophy, the first place in public speaking and the first place in drawing.
On top of all of that, we were granted the School of the Year Award in Arts! This was the fruit of the outstanding dedication, determination and ultimate self confidence that the contestants showed. Congratulations Daoud Zoya, Ghassan Bikaei, Rehab Baltaji, Walid Al Kotob and Mahassen Baalbaki. Congratulations to all the amazing teams who made us very proud!

Roweida Bawab
American System Biology and Chemistry Teacher

The Lebanese Civil War in Our classes: A Taboo Worth Getting Rid Of - High School

2 April 2015



The Lebanese Civil war is one of the topics that many schools reject tackling or are conservative about, particularly in a country where history is not something agreed upon. However, to develop students who can be contributors to economy and social change, such topics are mandatory for learning to analyze historical records and thinking critically about historical eras is what builds a true local and global citizen.
Being a pilot school in the "Teaching Divided Histories" initiative was a chance we took advantage of to develop individuals allowing them to explore, express, exchange, evaluate, and exhibit. In Collaboration with the British Council, our high school students worked on the TDH pilot program and learnt through the experiences of Northern Ireland's Civil Rights movement how to resolve political conflicts peacefully. When comparing this war to what happened in Lebanon between the year 1975 and 1990, students used their inquiry skills to undertake historical investigation, critical thinking skills to evaluate evidence and appreciate different interpretations, chronological awareness skills to make connections between historical periods, events and turning points, and ICT skills to create their comic book about major understandings attained and to work on a movie maker using "Audacity" as well. Above all, they practiced the ability to challenge stereotypical viewpoints through studying historical periods, global contexts, significant political, social, economic, cultural, and religious aspects.>>>MORE

Zeina Dbouk, English Language teacher

SMEC17 at AUB - School Activities

1 April 2015



Upon the annual announcement of the SMEC, HHHS teachers commence their preparations for presenting or attending workshops at AUB. This year, the participation was remarkable as usual, with three different workshops presented by HHHS at the SMEC17 this Saturday.

“A-Board: A Science Cruise” by Miss Farah Hankir & Roweida Bawab, “Guided Inquiry in Chemistry Laboratory” by Mazen Kotob, and “Theatrical Math” by Israa Fawaz, Dalia Sous, and Abed el Wahab Kaseer were three outstanding workshops held by teachers of our school.

In comment of our own experience in “Theatrical Math”, the feedback we got from attendees of our workshop, whether university professors or school teachers and coordinators, was enough to say that all our effort paid off. Most noteworthy about this workshop was our integration of cognitive psychology, open ended mathematical questioning, and theatrical performances in one workshop to demonstrate how the classroom of the 21st Century should look like.
Dalia H. Sous (English Teacher) and Israa Fawaz (Math Teacher)

Congratulations, Lebanon!

Congratulations, HHHS! - School Activities

31 March 2015



From competitors stressed about SUMO Robotics Competition held in the premises of Rafic Hariri University to winners proudly reflecting on their journey towards success in “Alam El Sabah” on Future TV, the Robotics team had to stride several steps on the road towards victory!
After having won the first 3 ranks in the SUMO Competition that was held Saturday, March 7, 2015 at AUB, Mahmoud Hamze, Karim Haydar, Lara Majzoub, Marwan El Assir, Randa Remlawi, and Sara Saad travelled to Jordan between the 20th & 22nd of March to compete at the Arab Robotics Championship with 23 other teams from 10 different Arab countries. Our students’ success in all rounds led them finally to the second prize in the competition, making them pioneers in the robotics world.
Most importantly, the competition was a manifestation of authentic self-growth. Students had the opportunity to get introduced to robotic and computer experts from around several countries and learn from their knowledge and expertise.
They have achieved this feat due to their true spirits, integrity, unity, enthusiasm and unconditional love. They have presented the genuine Lebanese and school morals and succeeded to capture everyone’s attention!
Rola Sammour – ICT Teacher.

نشاط أدائيّ بعنوان "وصفة طعام" لتوظيف فعل الأمرّ - High School

28 March 2015



أجرى تلامذة الصّفّ العاشر "الأجنبيّ" نشاطًا أدائيًّا بعنوان "وصفة طعام" بإشراف وحضور كلّ من منسّقة اللّغة العربيّة السّيّدة هتاف طويل، والمديرة الأكاديميّة للقسم الثّانويّ الآنسة ناديا الصّاحب؛ شاركوا من خلاله في أعداد وتحضير وصفاتهم المميّزة والمفضّلة، من ثمّ تعريف زملائهم وزميلاتهم كيفيّة تحضيرها، مستخدمين وموظّفين أفعال الأمر، كي يصبحوا قادرين على ضبط أفعال الأمر في جمل، واستخدامها وتوظيفها في تأليف جمل تأليفًا سليمًا خاليًا من الأخطاء؛ هذا يساعدهم في التّعبير شفويًّا وكتابيًّا.
أستاذ اللّغة العربيّة محمّد صبحة

عيد الأمّ - Middle School

26 March 2015



 الأمّ وما أدراك ما الأمّ! إنّها ذاك الإحساس المرهف، والهمس اللّطيف. الأمّ جمال وإبداع، الأمّ جوهرة مصونة ولؤلؤة مكنونة. الأمّ هي الشّمعة المضيئة الّتي تنير القلوب، والبهجة التي تثلج الصّدور، هي من يعطي ولا ينتظر مقابل العطاء. اللّسان يعجز عن التّعبير، فمهما حاولت وصف الأمّ لن أعطيها حقّها، فلا عجب عندما يقولون بأنّ الجنّة تحت أقدام الأمّهات، بل هي الجنّة بكلّ نعيمها وروعتها.
بمناسبة عيد الأمّ، احتفل طلّاب الصّفّ السّابع بأمّهاتهم، وعبّروا عن محبّتهم وتقديرهم لهنّ بطريقتهم الخاصّة، وقلوبهم تنبض سعادة وبهجة.
معلّمة اللّغة العربيّة هبة شعبان
الصّفّ السّابع الأساسيّ

Mother's day celebration 2015 - Preschool

23 March 2015



Opportunities of Growth and Learning

School Activities

23 March 2015



It was once said:
"The voice of the intellect is a soft one, but it does not rest until it has gained a hearing."

To thrive in today's rapidly changing world, school cultures nurture ongoing opportunities for thorough intellectual dialogues and reciprocal continuous reflections that revolve around the processes of both teaching and learning.
From this standpoint, HHHS culture reinforces such an interactive learning environment through empowering teachers to share their knowledge and expertise around new pedagogical theories and innovative educational practices. Such empowerment aims at improving instruction through demonstrating collective inquiry and shared practices that develop students' learning and welfare.
Middle and Secondary School Teachers Houtaf Taweel, Huda Kaeen, Ziena Dbouk, Nadine Halabi, Louma Halawi, Sahar Saad El Masri, and Noura Merhi took the lead to share their practices with Makassed teachers through a set of intensive workshops. Educational topics revolved around global citizenship, creative writing, e- portfolios, cooperative learning and more...

Since we do believe that our teachers are the "richest capital" that the school possesses, our responsibility lies in encouraging the growth of intellect, enhancing the development of professional characters and reinforcing such leadership encounters.

Nadia Al Saheb
Academic Director of Secondary Division

Wacky Day - Elementary School

21 March 2015



بمناسبة يوم الطفل ولإضافة جو من الفرح والمرح ارتدى تلاميذ القسم الإبتدائي ملابس ملوّنة، وسرّحوا شعرهم بطريقة إبداعية ومضحكة.

Il était deux fois … ou plus  - Middle School

14 March 2015



Le théâtre est un moyen très efficace pour évacuer le stress ou s’extérioriser d’une part et s’exprimer en français avec plaisir d’autre part.
Sur ce, quatre différentes classes participent cette année au festival du théâtre qui porte le titre suivant : « Il était deux fois… ou plus » et nous avons d’ailleurs déjà commencé nos entrainements. Une rencontre théâtrale intermédiaire s’est donc tenue au Lycée Abdel Kader qui a accueilli les divers établissements participant à ce projet. Un échange s’est établi entre les participants et une équipe de spécialistes constituée de comédiens et d’éducateurs.
Nos élèves de première ont présenté une scène du mythe d’Orphée, les élèves de seconde une scène qu’ils ont eux-mêmes conçue illustrant la vie de l’Homme et les jeunes élèves de 6ème se sont inspirés du Petit chaperon rouge pour inventer leur « Petit Jeans Déchiré ». Les entrainements se poursuivront au lycée afin d’aboutir au produit final qui se tiendra le 2 avril à l’amphithéâtre du LAK
Bonne continuation !

Lina Jibai (seconde)



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