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ثانوية حسام الدين الحريري

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Love Being a Diabetic

Middle School - 14 November 2017



November is the World Diabetes Awareness Month! On November 14, the World Diabetes Day takes place annually to mark the birthday of insulin co-discoverer Dr. Frederick Banting. In an attempt to raise awareness about diabetes at our school, HHHS Nursing Department shares the letter of our Type One Diabetic heroine, Mira Yamani, who has decided to courageously confront her community by writing the following letter and posting it on the school website in order to transmit the power and courage she has gained among all the readers.
“I am Mira Yamani, a 12th grader at HHHS. I was diagnosed with diabetes at an early age; I was asked a lot about the reason for injecting myself with insulin. I don’t like people to consider diabetics as “disabled” or “retarded.” During my journey, my mom was very supportive since she realized that she couldn’t change the fact of me being diabetic, but she can change how she lets diabetes influence my life. Due to her support, I realized that I’ve become stronger than before just because I am diabetic! This year, I will be graduating from the high school with a degree that would reflect my progress not only on the academic level but also on the social one. Towards the end, I would like to tell you that Illness doesn’t define you, but your strength and power does.”
Hope this inspiring letter touches all people who would underestimate the potentials of diabetics and start viewing them as normal people just as Mira does. Since the cure starts with awareness, educational handouts were distributed to high and middle school diabetic learners who wrote their wishes and pieces of advice for others.
Ohoud afara
Middle and Secondary school registered nurse

Let's Stay Healthy

Middle School - 23 October 2017



To pave the way for healthy choices at our school and to reduce the risk of illness during our learners' academic year, an informative session under the title of "LET'S STAY HEALTHY" was conducted to all 6th graders in the Middle School Division. The overall goal of this session was to promote our students’ healthy lifestyles through reducing risks of short and long-term health complications and illnesses especially during school time in an attempt to diminish absenteeism from the school. This educational session has enhanced our learners’ knowledge about some of the necessary healthy tips related to various topics including nutrition and taught them the proper hand washing technique, the sneezing etiquette, the major procedures for managing stress, the appropriate outfit worn in different climate conditions and the suitable hygiene in addition to the importance of getting plenty of sleep, drinking water daily and brushing teeth regularly. Following these tips would enable the students to understand the impact of frequent handwashing and usage of hygienic hand disinfectant on the human health. Moreover, educational handouts were distributed, and posters were posted everywhere in the Middle and Secondary School buildings in order to reduce the risk of catching germs after playing or eating during the recesses.

Ohoud Afara
Middle and Secondary School Registered Nurse

Cooperation in Action

Preschool - 17 October 2017



“Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” Mattie J.T. Stepanek
“How can you hold the hula hoop horizontally using only one finger? Is this possible? Can you do it alone? How can you do it?” The questions triggered our learners’ curiosity where they had to think of possible solutions. At the end, they all agreed that it can be achieved through teamwork, therefore by helping each other.
Consequently, teamwork was evident in our centers and during recess. On one hand, learners worked together while role-playing in the dramatic center as a mother, a father, or a baby to form a family; they also collaborated to complete a puzzle. Moreover, they work side by side, using wooden building blocks to build a community.

Hiba Ramlawi - KG 2 Homeroom Teacher

AMALOUNA Student as Researcher Initiative

High School - 17 October 2017



One of the science breaking laws was discovered after a man asked himself a question, “Why did the apple fall downwards?” Newton then hypothesized his theory and went on to initiate laws that we still use in physics class up to this day. Asking questions then sculpting a path to discover its answers is not an easy thing to do. Research is the essence of humanity, for without it we would not know how and why the world functions the way it does.

I am honored to say that I was one of the students able to participate in the AMALOUNA’s “Student as Researcher Initiative (SRI)”. This program combines students from public and private schools to work on PhD research questions in the AUB Science labs under the supervision of lab advisors. The topic of each group ranged from ones related to Leukemia and others that would aid in curing non-treatable diseases. We were put under the circumstances of real-life researchers and scientists as we analyzed results and experiments from topics we have never heard of. Then, our research and experimentation results were presented to our family members and doctors of different scientific fields.

The SRI allowed me to explore fields and different options that broadened my perspective of the research facilities, and opened my eyes to new ideas in the fields of medicine. In the end, science is always developing especially in terms of human health and development, so being a part of the cultivation of the medical industry really is a huge privilege. Though I do tend to be anti-social sometimes, I had to break out of my comfort zone by meeting new people from different schools, along with experts in the vast scientific fields. I might’ve felt out of place sometimes, especially with the rather long scientific words and terms, but as Albert Einstein once said, “If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn’t be called research.” >>>MORE

Nadine Kawash , Grade 12 Life Science Student

Educational journey to Oxford university during the summer

- High School - 2 October 2017



City of Dreaming Spires

"She was not built out of common stone
But out of all men’s yearning and all prayer
That she might live, eternally our own,
The Spirit’s stronghold—barred against despair." -C.S Lewis, "Oxford"
I have always been accustomed to reading poems and pieces by William Wordsworth, Oscar Wilde, and T.S Eliot, but all my readings ignited in my soul as I was honored to visit the city that inspired these writers. A scholarship to attend the Oxbridge Summer Seminar housed in Corpus Christi College brought me to the "city of dreaming spires" as described by the highly respectable Professor James G. Basker, and that was definitely the warm epitome of my summer.
I spent an entire week attending courses from English Literature to Business, and with every course my internal desire to transcend all limits and only yearn for excellence was spurred even further. On an even more personal level, I learned that education is not just a certificate that would get you into the workforce but a never-ending desire to learn and ask questions, to grow and reach out to full potentials, and to go beyond the norms of the world in order to change it. I got introduced to a culture where you were not judged by how many shoes you have or how many outfits you manage to squeeze into the week but how many books you read and how long you can keep a sophisticated conversation going. >>>MORE

Lea Bou Salman

Grade 12

رسالة للأهل من إدارة القسم المتوسط

- Middle School - 25 September 2017


أهلنا الأعزّاء/ أولياء الأمور
إنّه لمن دواعي سرورنا أن نرحّب بكم طلّابنا الأعزّاء وأولياء الأمور بعد عطلة صيفيّة طويلة، وندعوكم لمشاركتنا هذا العام الدّراسيّ الجديد، على أمل أن يكون عامًا مثمرًا.

تسعى ثانوية حسام الدين الحريري إلى تنشئة أفراد قادرين على التكيّف مع التغيّرات، متحمّلين المسؤوليّة على المستويات الشخصيّة، الوطنيّة والعالميّة، أفراد يحترمون السّياقات الثقافيّة المختلفة.

من هنا، وليبقى المتعلّم إنسانًا متعلّمًا مدى الحياة، سيتعرّض خلال هذا العام الدّراسيّ لسلسلة من الأنشطة والمشاريع، ضمن وحدات بحثيّة تتداخل فيها موادّ عدّة، وحدات تجعل من المتعلّم محور العمليّة التعلّمية التّربويّة، تزوّده بمعارف مختلفة، تبني شخصيّته، تنمّي مهاراته وتعزّز قدرته على التّحليل المنطقيّ والتّفكير النّقدي.

ولأننّا على يقين بأهميّة الشّراكة بين المدرسة والمنزل، ومن أجل بناء شخصيّة متعلّم منفتح مثقّف، قادر على مواجهة تحدّيات المستقبل، نذكّركم بأهميّة التّواصل مع أفراد الهيئة التّدريسيّة، مؤكّدين على ضرورة مشاركتكم في العمليّة التّعلّميّة.

في حال كانت لديكم أسئلة، تعليقات، استفسارات أو حتّى أفكار تودّون مشاركتنا إيّاها، يُرجى الاتّصال بنا من خلال وسائل مختلفة: المفكّرة المدرسيّة، البريد الالكترونيّ، الهاتف أو عبر تحديد موعد أو لقاء ...

دون مساعدتكم، لا شيء يمكن أن يتحقّق.
نتطلّع معًا إلى عام دراسيّ مثمر.

مع محبّتنا وتقديرنا لجهودكم
إدارة القسم المتوسط

The PYP Exhibition 2017 - Elementary School

25 September 2017



In February 2017, Grade 5 learners started tuning into the PYP Exhibition; building on the prior knowledge they have gained from visiting the PYP Exhibition stations and interviewing the exhibits of the year before; they deeply explored the purpose of the PYP Exhibition as an event that culminates their development of the elements of the programme and identified their roles and the responsibilities of all people involved.

Under the transdisciplinary theme “Sharing the Planet”, the learners explored the central idea: The significance of an issue promotes individuals to take actions that impact communities. They used a variety of resources, watched the news, and interviewed people within the school and in the city of Saida in search for real-life issues that impact the community. Accordingly, they decided on issues, such as discrimination, unemployment, empowering women, addiction, road safety, etc. The learners were grouped according to their interest, and after checking the global significance and the relevance of the issues, they moved to the planning phase. As a community of learners, they developed essential agreements and created timelines to organize the process. >>>MORE

Rasha Hammoud, PYP Coordinator
In collaboration with
Noor Taweel, Gr.5 PYP Teacher

انطلاقة العام الدراسي 2017-2018 في القسم الإبتدائي

- Elementary School - 19 September 2017




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