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ثانوية حسام الدين الحريري
Houssam Eddine Hairi High School
ثانوية حسام الدين الحريري

School News

Preschool Student-Led Conference - Preschool

16 May 2016



Reflecting upon themselves, our responsible Preschool Learners shared their learning processes and reported on them to their parents.

Techknowledgey - Middle School

16 May 2016



Middle school is considered the beginning of the teenage phase, one of the most critical phases in a person’s life, during which many teens feel the need to experience more freedom. According to teenagers, they believe that they are maturing, they have more experience, they want to prove themselves in one way or another, and they want to establish new relationships. It is a stage where teens try to form their identity and in short experience physical, mental and psychological changes. While going through all these changes, teens’ use of technology will surely affect their personality and mental well-being.
Yes! Technology has the power to transform people’s lives, and yes, the new generation has the potential to use it for good or for harm. Middle school learners can use technology and especially the Internet for communication and education, for creative and fun purposes. However, they can also use it for bullying and harassment. The question for me as a middle school SENCO was: What about learners with special educational needs (SEN)? Certainly, teens with SEN can use the Internet in a beneficial way similar to their peers.

Racha Lotfi

A Journey of International Connectedness Through MUN and MAL programs


High School - 9 May 2016



Seventy years ago the nations of the world reached a consensus to create a concept that would help in healing the severe wounds caused by wars and conflicts that ravaged the lands where millions died and millions were displaced. Seventy years later, the United Nations along with the Arab League are still dealing with the same dilemmas that humanity inflicted on itself. These dilemmas are so complicated they become very unattractive; however, the youth today seem to be eager to delve into the complexities of such topics; they are tempted by the idea that maybe for a couple of days they can take the role of this world’s diplomats and dream about making a change. This dream can come true if we take a “leap of faith”. Our leap of faith was captured in the programs and the conferences we attended and in the lessons we reaped at the end of this year.
For this year, our school has participated in international and local conferences that simulate both the United Nations and The Arab League. These conferences were : AMMUN– Jordan , LEBMUN – American Community School of Beirut , SHSMUN – Sagesse High School , HARMUN- Rafic Hariri High School and of course our annual HHHSMUN the 5th which took place on February 2016. >>>MORE

Hiba Chamandi
English Language Instructor
MUN-MAL Advisor

Abandon Your Comfort Zone and Help Underprivileged People in Your Community

High School - 26 April 2016



Have you ever tried to step out of your community and explore how other people are living? Actually not all the people have the will to do so because we aren’t taught to think about other people that might be suffering from poverty and misery; unfortunately we have learned how to care about ourselves only! To me, I’ve always had the curiosity to discover the different dimensions of the world we’re living in, but I didn’t know where I should start and how I’m going to do so. When the Lebanese American University (LAU) announced the 3rd Annual Science and Arts Fair, and my friends asked me to join the Community Service Competition, I did not hesitate; I thought that it may finally be my chance to explore those places and learn more about those people. I directly registered my name for the competition along with Nadine Kanaan, Sarah Kadoura and Lynn Nakouzi. The rules of the competition were simple: we had to be a team of four students, 10th and 11th graders, and we had to choose an underprivileged community and study its key figures and residents. >>>MORE
Written by: Nayyera Jouda- Grade 11 S
Supervised by: Mrs. Zeina Dbouk
Edited by: Ms. Nihmat Dandashly

1st Place & a 50% Scholarship in “Express Yourself” Speech Competition at LAU

High School - 25 April 2016



“Once upon a time, in a faraway pond lived a poor black duckling with a group of white ducks…” is how I chose to commence my speech at LAU Competition yesterday. I know it sounds weird to see a speech tackling the issue of Arabism and the Arab identity starting off with the tale of the “Ugly Duckling”, the story we, pupils, heard a thousand times before bedtime. However, what many saw as merely a children’s book, I found it as fitting delineation of what’s happening around us, Arabs, amid the influence of globalization. In reality, every single Arab country is the black duckling in the story and because of globalization, the Arabs have let go of their identity for the sake of following a group of white ducks who are in control of our media nowadays. However, fortunately and only through adhering to our Arab identity and to our true traditions and culture can we, Arabs, find our way back to our true family, the Arab family, one in which we have an integral presence and a long history.
Hisham Fares - Grade 11

Learning Through Building - Elementary School 

23 April 2016



Our fifth graders are currently constructing meaning of geometric tools and methods used to solve problems related to shape and space. To hook them into the learning process, they were engaged in “The Spaghetti Challenge”. It was to build this tallest tower of pasta that could hold a marshmallow. I allowed learners to work in different grouping arrangements: on their own, in pairs or in groups. Each group had 1 piece of marshmallow, 20 sticks of uncooked pasta, graduated ruler, and masking tape.
First of all, learners discussed how they would work together and what behaviors or actions were anticipated. Every time learners have voice in setting their assessment criteria, more responsible actions emerged throughout the process. Learners were given ten minutes to draw or discuss how to plan, but not start building. I didn’t do a lot of pre teaching. I just let them missing word at it.

Rola Hallak
Grade 5 (B)

Proteina Synthia (fictional Narrative)
Performance task: write a fictional story describing “protein synthesis”
- High School 

21 April 2016



Once upon a time, in the Nucleonon Island there were candy makers. Each and every member in the island was forced to make candy, or else the island would fail in accomplishing its goal, to create the biggest candy, Amino Acido. Without the production of candy the island wouldn’t have existed, and then no Nucleonon would have been found. The queen of this island, DNA, was the only one responsible to inform the candy workers when and what type of candy should be created or at what time. What more frustrating was that the queen had never left her place, Nucleonon Castle . She always wished she could leave her castle but her problem was that she was overweight, so she wasn’t able to leave her castle even though she loved all her citizens. The queen only spoke DNAsian, a language only her scribe understood. Nevertheless, the queen, DNA, kept tight control on the candy being created and the duration of making a candy bag so that the island kept working in an organized order.

Done by the students:

Nadine Kanaan, Hussein Habbal, & Ghina Hamieh
Supervised by: Jana Abou Orm
Edited by: Hiba Chamandi

Drawing a Smile on a Child’s Face - High School 

23 March 2016


No human is ever born with a guarantee of a happy, healthy life. A great number of children are born into loving homes in which they will have the chance every child deserves. However, many others are deprived of this chance.

Even though it’s God’s will, it hurts seeing needy children in the surrounding community without lending them a hand or even giving them a smile. As grade 11 students (AS), we realized that it is our duty to make these children feel desired, happy, and loved. So, we designed a simple, yet a challenging, activity through which we knitted scarfs for some children at an orphanage in Saida. None of us knew how to knit scarfs; however, with the support of some volunteer parents we did learn this skill within few weeks. To spend more time with these kids, we prepared several activities such as face painting, dancing, etc. After we served them cakes we baked by ourselves, we handed them our scarf gifts and bid them farewell.

To be as sincere as possible, it was beyond challenging; we had to deal with children with learning disabilities, and some of them had Down Syndrome. We were shocked at first since we felt unable to deal with them. Eventually, everything went fine and as planned; we achieved what we wanted in the first place: serving our community and drawing a smile on these children’s faces. However, it turned out that these children themselves were able to draw a smile on our own faces.

Nour Bobbo - Gr 11 American System
Revised by Mr Huda Kaeen - CAS Coordinator

Mothers' Day at Preschool - Preschool 

23 March 2016


Recognizing the importance of “Mother’s Day” event, our learners welcomed their own and classmates’ mothers to their second home, school community. Responsibly, collaboratively, and excitedly, they served all visitors practicing their codes of manners. Kids honored all mommies’ values, offered them love and respect making sure that such a day is spent selflessly. It’s mom’s day, it’s their time to live to be organized by their kids.

Mindfulness between Theory and Practice

- High School 

21 March 2016



Mindfulness was addressed as a theory as part of the professional development in the Secondary Division at HHHS. It is a term developed by Jon Kabat – Zinn (2003), the pioneer in the application of mindfulness who defines it as “the awareness that emerges through maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment.” (p. 145). It is a technique used in different life scenarios such as conflict resolution and decision making and it involves adopting a particular orientation toward one’s experience that is characterized by curiosity, openness, and acceptance.
To put the above into practice, and under the theme "Conflicts and Identity", Grade 10 students were asked to talk about their personal conflicts for 3 minutes. When it was time to present, students were asked to follow the rituals of the Native American Tribe "Apache" who had always used "Mindfulness" as a technique to solve problems among its members. For this purpose, students held the confession pen, closed their eyes, and talked about themselves for 3 minutes while sitting inside a circle. They talked about their points of strength and points of weakness on personal and social levels. This activity assessed students' mindfulness using English language as a tool for communication.

Nadia Al Saheb
Academic Director of Secondary Division

Fun in the ESFL Classroom - Middle School  

19 March 2016


Games and fun activities are so vital part of the ESFL classroom that they are repeated in almost every session. Games immerse learners in interactive situations, create a positive learning environment, and ensure that ESFL learners leave the class with great willingness to learn more. Under the unit entitled “Sports”, 5eme learners were exposed to a wonderful learning experience during the English language session. Buzz in the class took place, where students sat in groups trying to devise ways that could create new sports games from various provided tools, such as spoons, cups, plates, balls, and ropes. Students interacted cooperatively and excitedly to come up with more bright ideas and impress each other. In fact, such activities provide students with multiple opportunities of creativity in class, which fosters their interest and understanding of the unit.
Mrs. Amani Soussi - English Language Teacher

Teachers' Day Celebration 2016 - School Activities 

15 March 2016




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