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انطلاقة العام الدراسي 2017-2018 في القسم الإبتدائي

- Elementary School - 19 September 2017


KG 1 First Day at Preschool

- Preschool - 19 September 2017


IB in- school workshop

- Elementary School - 19 September 2017


IB in- school workshop: Teaching and Learning in the PYP

September 13 & 14, 2017

AED Protects the Lives of HHHS Youngsters and Athletes - Middle School

19 September 2017



Sudden cardiac arrest can be the first vivid symptom of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy disease in youngsters especially the athletes. Our school aims at raising awareness regarding cardiac risk among the youth. Dr. Mona Othman El Hage, who lost her son due to Sudden Cardiac Arrest, once said, "With heart screening and better preparedness in the sport fields, we can protect the lives of young athletes and give them another chance to live longer and healthier."
To help prevent this serious problem from happening, it has been necessary to advocate for cardiac screening that was conducted at our school during the previous years by Champ's Fund, a charitable fund department of Family Medicine at the American University of Beirut Medical Center. Moreover, HHHS has provided its nurses registered with the opportunity to attend workshops about First Aid Training & Basic Life Support that were held by the Order of Nurses and AUBMC given by Champ's Fund.

Ohoud Afara
Middle and Secondary School Registered Nurse

حفل تخرج القسم الابتدائي - Elementary School

10 ـJully 2017


حفل تخرج القسم الثانوي - High School

10 ـJully 2017


حفل تخرج قسم الروضات - Preschool

10 ـJully 2017


Student LED Conference  - Elementary School

14 June 2017




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