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Houssam Eddine Hairi High School
Houssam Eddine Hairi High School
ثانوية حسام الدين الحريري

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Student - led conference preschoolers are sharing their learning process with their parents and reflecting upon samples of their work - Preschool

26 May 2015



Is the World Smaller? Lebanon and UK Partnership - High School

21 May 2015



The world is increasingly characterized by its complexity, interconnectedness and diversity. International education is indeed a key driver in enhancing our students’ prosperity and in building bridges of understanding and cooperation among cultures and countries. At Houssam Eddine Hariri High School, educators are always striving to bring a truly international quality of education to all students at all grade levels.
In 2014, our school has been awarded the full International School Award, the British Council accreditation scheme rewarding schools with a notable global element in their curriculum. In 2015, the international journey continues with launching a Connecting Classroom Partnership with Chipping Sodbury School in United Kingdom. Mr. Shaun Hatton and I, the international coordinators, planned our partnership, developed curriculum-based initiatives that involved classroom-to-classroom pairings, and succeeded in receiving the project grant. Our aim was to set up and develop a programme where students from both countries can collaborate with each other and develop deeper understanding and knowledge of the world around them.
Students from both schools worked on an array of interdisciplinary projects, created blogs, and conducted several skype sessions. Project-based learning was facilitated through the exchange of students’ work (letters, post cards, art work) and ongoing student-to-student communication. Thanks to Ms. Hiba Kanbar and Mrs. Rasha Al Hajj for their tremendous collaboration in engaging their students with global projects.

During a bubbly week trip to UK, I had the privilege to visit Chipping Sodbury School in Bristol. During my busy timetable, I attended classes, conducted general assembly about Lebanon and shared my school culture and Lebanese culture with UK staff and students. Face-to-face contact with other teachers from different disciplines and grade levels provided better opportunities to come up with innovative project ideas and brainstorm ways to implement them in both schools. 'We’re building relationships that develop international and intercultural awareness as well as develop contacts and connections abroad', says Shaun.
Mona Majzoub

 UCMAS المباراة الوطنية الثانية لبرنامج  - Elementary School

20 May 2015



 نظم معهد PLC الوكيل الحصري لشركة UCMAS العالميّة، المباراة الوطنيّة الثانية في لبنان في قصر الأونيسكو للطلاب المنتسبين الى برنامج UCMAS التعليمي الذي يعنى بتطوير عقل الاطفال وتفعيل طاقاتهم الذهنيّة وذلك يوم السبت الواقع في 16/5 /2015 . ولقد تمّ اختيار عشرة طلاب من ثانويّة حسام الدين الحريري للمشاركة من ضمن 500 طالب من أصل 8000 من سائر المناطق اللّبنانيّة منتسبين الى البرنامج. وفاز في المباراة تسعة أطفال من مختلف المدارس سيتكفل معهد PLC بتأمين سفرهم الى الهند واقامتهم فيها، ليتيح لهم تمثيل لبنان والمشاركة في المباراة العالميّة التي تنظمها شركة UCMAS بتاريخ 5/12/2015 في الهند كما تمّ توزيع ميداليات وهدايا على جميع المشاركين لتميّزهم في مدارسهم.
المشرفة التربوية - هيام عثمان

معًا .... نحمي الموارد الطّبيعيّة  - Elementary School

14 May 2015



بادر المتعلّمون في الصّفّ الثّاني الأساسي، تحت محور نتشارك الكوكب، إلى إعادة استخدام بقايا النّفايات المنزليّة والمخلّفات للتّقليل منها. كما عمدوا إلى اعداد ملصقات ولافتات تحفّز المجتمع المدرسي على اتخاذ عادات متوازنة في حياتهم اليوميّة، تساعد في التّخفيف من هدر الطّاقة والمياه وبالتّالي العمل للحفاظ على الموارد الطّبيعيّة.
رانيا الزعتري – رنا قصب

Biology protein synthesis story  - High School

12 May 2015



“Biology”: a typical science subject, based on facts and reality, far away from imagination and creativity. Well… not this time, we were asked to write a STORY of protein synthesis starting from DNA. This seemed impossibly weird at the beginning, but ended up with a bunch of creative and interesting stories that were graded just as any other story. We are the 21st century’s students and this is how we shine not only in sciences but in almost every other thing;

Once upon a time, in the majestic kingdom of “cell”, lived “DNA”, in the nucleus, a two stranded molecule of A, T, G and C nitrogen bases and P,S attached by an H-bond. DNA worked as a cell dietitian in a special domain related to protein coding.
One afternoon, DNA had to find a way to reach the cytoplasm for its new job. However, it was impossible to pass the nuclear pore due to its size. DNA, thus, decided to ask her short, one stranded friend “RNA” for help. RNA was more than honored to help. She went to DNA to take the needed information. Meanwhile, DNA was preparing the needed information. DNA used helicase enzyme to break her H- bond and separate its super flexible cell-ish hands (strands), while RNA ate some polymerase to be able to do her work as a messenger RNA. mRNA is now ready for her trip, she said goodbye to DNA who was so thankful and pleased.
mRNA successfully passed the pores and reached the cytoplasm. On her way to the company in the center of cytoplasm, mRNA had to pass by the ribosomes that were attached to REP that day. However, at other days REP may be free made up of protein and mRNA. For cytoplasm security reasons, RNA was stopped and was forced to remove her messenger part. RNA felt cold and still has to walk through the cold streets of cytoplasm to accomplish her mission and please her beloved friend DNA. “I won’t let DNA down, I won’t give up!” RNA thought. She went to the lost and found zone and got a jacket “translator”. tRNA continued its way and accomplished her mission, she synthesized protein and cheered her best friend up.


Reflecting on the PYP Exhibition 2015 

- Elementary School

9 May 2015



The PYP Exhibition is all about choice and the student’s voice. It is the culminating event of the Primary Years Program (PYP) during which learners take ownership of their learning. It’s about learners having opportunities to find and solve problems and explore real issues existing within the local and global community.
Students had already carried out an extended, collaborative inquiry. They synthesized knowledge, applied transdisciplinary skills, explored concepts, exhibited attitudes, and took actions. The time to celebrate their learning and share it with the whole school community has become so close, and every parent, I guess, is so excited to enjoy this experience with his child.
Not only students are encouraged to reflect on their learning journey, but also we do. As we are getting to be more experienced in facilitating the process of the PYP Exhibition, our focus has become more on the “WHY” of Learning rather than the “WHAT” of learning. Thus, our PYP exhibition does not only include forms, sheets, drama sketches, and products but also it originates from the “why” to include a strong determination among learners to cause a change.
Learners will be talking about this learning in front of a bulletin. They are expecting the audience to ask them not only about “What did they learn?” but also “How did they learn?” and “Why did they learn?” Learners explored their issues and were able to deepen their level of conceptual understanding using the key concepts. >>>MORE

Grade 5 (C) Homeroom Teacher
Rola Hallak

La lecture: acquérir une culture, une ouverture au monde! - Elementary School

7 May 2015



Du 22 au 26 avril, les apprenants ont célébré la semaine de la lecture à travers des activités organisées à la BCD et des rencontres avec différents auteurs.
Un tas d’activités et d’ouvrages ont été mis à la disposition des apprenants pour favoriser la lecture et permettre aux enfants de se plonger dans l’univers de la lecture.
La rencontre avec les auteurs avait un goût spécial, les apprenants ont posé des questions afin de découvrir la démarche de réalisation d’un livre, ils étaient enthousiastes, sensés et réfléchis en discutant les albums lus avec les auteurs et ont pu apprécier l’importance de la lecture pour découvrir le monde.
Et comme disait Jacques Ellul «L'important n'est pas de savoir lire mais de savoir ce qu'on lit, de raisonner sur ce qu'on lit, d'exercer un esprit critique sur la lecture. En dehors de cela, la lecture n'a aucun sens.»

Zeina Zaatary, titulaire de CE2.

Les petits volcanologues - Elementary School

7 May 2015



Les plaques tectoniques se déplacent sous terre et causent les tremblements de terre et les volcans… Cette connaissance a suscité la curiosité des apprenants de CE2 qui ont posé beaucoup de questions autour des volcans et pour obtenir des réponses ils ont commencé leur recherche, ont consulté différentes ressources (Encarta, Documents, Vidéos), ont émis des hypothèses puis ils sont allés au laboratoire pour vérifier leurs données.
Au laboratoire, L’expérience est réalisée collectivement (il s’agit plus d’une démonstration que d’une expérience) : lorsqu’on verse le bicarbonate de sodium dans le verre, les apprenants observent ce qui se passe : fort dégazage (on entend l’effervescence), formation de grosses bulles… Après un premier essai, les apprenants sont interrogés sur le type d’éruption; ils parlent d’éruption effusive puis réfléchissent sur ce qui pourrait permettre de la rendre explosive. «Il faudrait plus de gaz», «plus de pression»….
L’expérience est alors renouvelée en ajoutant plus de vinaigre, plus de bicarbonate. Chacun écrit un compte rendu sur son cahier d’expériences, ainsi que la conclusion élaborée ensemble: «C’est le gaz contenu dans le magma qui le fait sortir.»
Les apprenants dessinent leur maquette dans le cahier d’expériences, et en expliquent le fonctionnement.

Investigateurs, sensés et audacieux, ce sont les profils de nos petits apprenants en CE2!

Zeina Zaatary, Titulaire de CE2

لجنة الاهل تكرم العمال في عيدهم - Parents Committee

4 May 2015



المنتدى التربوي الثالث للقيادات التربوية والتعليمية - School Activities

4 May 2015



 تحت شعار القيادة التعليمية ودورها في تهيئة الطالب لعصر الإنفتاح والإبداع والأعمال، شاركت ثانوية حسام الدين الحريري مع العديد من صناع القرار التعليمي والتربوي وممثلين عن الهيئات والمؤسسات التربوية من مختلف دول العالم في المنتدى التربوي الثالث للقيادات التربوية والتعليمية الذي نظمه مكتب " إقرأ للإستشارات التعليمية والتربوية " في اسطنبول 23- 24- 25 نيسان 2015 ويهدف إلى الارتقاء بمستوى إدارة التعليم والفكر التربوي.
تمحور الملتقى حول المواضيع والمستجدات التربوية المهمة كالتربية على التغيير والإبداع والقيادة وكيفية التعامل مع المتغيرات والثنائية التنافسية والأخلاقية في التعليم، كما سلط الضوء على التجارب التربوية الرائدة في العالم إضافة إلى عرض أحدث الدراسات العالمية حول مستقبل تعليم الطلاب الذين هم بناة المستقبل ورجال الغد.
مشرفا الطلاب في القسم الثانوي
منى بديع / مازن قبرصلي



.Preschool: Fun Day 2015 organized by parents committee 

.Elementary School: زيارة استكشافيّة إلى الأماكن الأثريّة في لبنان

.Middle School: Global Warming from a Global Perspective

.High School: LAU Annual Sciences and Arts Fair

.School Activities: SMEC17 at AUB







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