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حفل تخرج قسم الروضات 2015 - Preschool

25 June 2015



Sharing the Planet - Preschool

22 June 2015



After many weeks of applying various ways of teaching and learning inkg2, our preschoolers’ awareness about the importance of having plants in our lives was aroused. As a demonstration of their learning, they took responsible actions towards plants grown up in their surroundings starting from their school community and decided to create their own signs to spread the word of how much we need flowers as well as oxygen to breathe!
Playing the role of little scientists, learners applied the scientific method in different ways by manipulating objects and using different tools among learning centers inside the classroom and outside. They were excited to learn independently about what soil and plants are. Using all their senses, they observed the change in living plants. Since they are curious by nature, learners have inquired about the growth of potato on their own. They had a hard time imagining that potatoes grow in the ground upon digging through the soil. Well guess what!! They turned into big believers when a big bag of soil was provided to them and they had to do the digging themselves. They were also responsible for the growth of their own plants as they recorded their observations on their charts in a systematic way, checked the weather, watered the plants, and even sang to them, and weeded them. They also did their inquiries in books, surfed the internet, and asked questions to gain more knowledge about plants and their benefits, and found that glue, paper, wood, pencils, medicine, and cotton also come from plants.
The learners’ curiosity led most of them to initiate the action of planting cucumber seeds, toya bean seeds, and pepper seeds. Lastly, they came to the most essential conclusion of that “We all, people, animals, and plants share the planet.”
“Nature study consists of simple, truthful observations that may, like beads on a string, finally be threaded upon the understanding and thus held together as a logical and harmonious whole. ““Anne Botsford Comstock,” Handbook of Nature Study.
KG2 English Homeroom Teacher
Preschool Department

Graduation Class of 2015  - High School

20 June 2015



حفل تخرج القسم الإبتدائي  - Elementary School

16 June 2015



Reciprocal Learning in the Secondary Classrooms…  - High School

16 June 2015



 "We sought to encourage one another in being professional teachers who are open to questioning and who critically reflect on what we teach, how we teach and why we teach. Our collaborative peer observations have provided a catalyst for change through giving us insights into our teaching practices. We emphasize that these insights have contributed to the professional learning of both the observer and the observed ", enthusiastically reflected one of our Secondary Teachers.

In the spirit of fostering peer to peer connections and reflection on teaching and learning in the Secondary Division, the open classroom reciprocal visits were organized and involved each teacher taking turns as host and visitor. Each visiting teacher, who pinpointed three positive points he/she observed and is willing to transfer to one's own classroom, shared his/her professional reflection with his/her colleague. The experience tackled reflective questions such as: What did I learn? What features of a learning environment did the teacher create? What teaching strategies did the teacher use that I can implement in my own classroom? Did the teacher respond to a student in a way I would like to emulate?

Educational research has stressed that non threatening process of reciprocal classroom observations and shared reflections create safe supportive spaces for practitioners to grow and foster positive attitudes and behaviors nurturing a mutually energizing community of "individual appreciation" and "reciprocal learning" (Bodone et al, 2004).

Nadia Al Saheb
Academic Director of Secondary Division

The Power of Conversations  - Elementary School

13 June 2015



“It was great...” “The kids were fabulous” “No need for change” “It was almost perfect”
It is really interesting that we have been developed as educators. Evidence on our professional development is that we rarely hear these comments in our planning or reflection coordinating sessions. Development of learning has become a concern of every educator at our school community. As we plan, we always think how we can make it even better the next time. This is what we do with young learners, and we model as adult learners.
Our PYP Exhibition falls under the theme “Sharing the Planet”.
The main purpose behind the PYP Exhibition is to give the learners the chance to select a local issue with global significance, investigate into it, and try to take a meaningful action to solve it. Throughout the process, pedagogical leaders, teachers, parents, and mentors support learners without robbing them the opportunity to have ownership for their learning.
Every year, parents witness something different and more developed from the previous year PYP Exhibition. By “better”, we mean that learners are more empowered in terms of profile, skills, and attitudes to argue their issues and reflect their understanding. >>>MORE

Role Hallak
Grade 5 Homeroom Teacher

بطولة لبنان للسباحة  - Elementary School

13 June 2015



اختتم الاتحاد اللّبناني للسباحة يوم السبت الواقع فيه 30 أيار 2015 بطولة لبنان للفئات العمريّة لحوض 25م ولقد حقّق المتعلّمون من الصف الثالث الاساسي في القسم الابتدائي نتائج مميّزة على صعيد البطولة وهم:
ماجد مصطفى حجازي: المركز الاول في سباحة 400 م حرة و50 م ظَهِر والمركز الثاني في سباحة 50 م حرة و100 م حرة.
حمزة محمد ناصر: المركز الأول في سباحة 50 م صدر.
رام احمد صالح: المركز الثالث في سباحة 400م حرّة.
جودي ابراهيم البابا: المركز الثالث في سباحة 400 م حرّة.
مبروك لطلابنا الأعزاء مع تمنياتنا بالمزيد من النجاحات
المشرفة التربوية هيام عثمان

نقرأ ... نتعلّم ... نفوز  - Elementary School

30 May 2015



شاركت ثـانويّة حسـام الدين الحريري بمسـابقة للمطالعة من تنظيم الهيئة اللبنانية لكتب الاولاد لصفوف الرابع الإبتدائي. وبعد أن واظب المتعلمون على قراءة القصص على مدى خمسة أشهر فازت كل من: "لين البابا" بالمرتبة الاولـى "سابين الحلاق" بـالمرتبـة الـثّانية و"نانسي أبو زينب" بالمرتبة الثالثة حيث تسلّمت كلّ منهن شهادة تقدير ومجموعة من القصص خلال حفل أقيم في قصر الأونيسكو نهار السّـبت في 23 أيار 2015. وخلال الحفل تعرف المتعلمون على الحكواتي الذي روى للحاضرين قصصاً تحمل العبر.
مكتبة القسم الإبتدائي

Student - led conference preschoolers are sharing their learning process with their parents and reflecting upon samples of their work - Preschool

26 May 2015



Is the World Smaller? Lebanon and UK Partnership - High School

21 May 2015



The world is increasingly characterized by its complexity, interconnectedness and diversity. International education is indeed a key driver in enhancing our students’ prosperity and in building bridges of understanding and cooperation among cultures and countries. At Houssam Eddine Hariri High School, educators are always striving to bring a truly international quality of education to all students at all grade levels.
In 2014, our school has been awarded the full International School Award, the British Council accreditation scheme rewarding schools with a notable global element in their curriculum. In 2015, the international journey continues with launching a Connecting Classroom Partnership with Chipping Sodbury School in United Kingdom. Mr. Shaun Hatton and I, the international coordinators, planned our partnership, developed curriculum-based initiatives that involved classroom-to-classroom pairings, and succeeded in receiving the project grant. Our aim was to set up and develop a programme where students from both countries can collaborate with each other and develop deeper understanding and knowledge of the world around them.
Students from both schools worked on an array of interdisciplinary projects, created blogs, and conducted several skype sessions. Project-based learning was facilitated through the exchange of students’ work (letters, post cards, art work) and ongoing student-to-student communication. Thanks to Ms. Hiba Kanbar and Mrs. Rasha Al Hajj for their tremendous collaboration in engaging their students with global projects.

During a bubbly week trip to UK, I had the privilege to visit Chipping Sodbury School in Bristol. During my busy timetable, I attended classes, conducted general assembly about Lebanon and shared my school culture and Lebanese culture with UK staff and students. Face-to-face contact with other teachers from different disciplines and grade levels provided better opportunities to come up with innovative project ideas and brainstorm ways to implement them in both schools. 'We’re building relationships that develop international and intercultural awareness as well as develop contacts and connections abroad', says Shaun.
Mona Majzoub

 UCMAS المباراة الوطنية الثانية لبرنامج  - Elementary School

20 May 2015



 نظم معهد PLC الوكيل الحصري لشركة UCMAS العالميّة، المباراة الوطنيّة الثانية في لبنان في قصر الأونيسكو للطلاب المنتسبين الى برنامج UCMAS التعليمي الذي يعنى بتطوير عقل الاطفال وتفعيل طاقاتهم الذهنيّة وذلك يوم السبت الواقع في 16/5 /2015 . ولقد تمّ اختيار عشرة طلاب من ثانويّة حسام الدين الحريري للمشاركة من ضمن 500 طالب من أصل 8000 من سائر المناطق اللّبنانيّة منتسبين الى البرنامج. وفاز في المباراة تسعة أطفال من مختلف المدارس سيتكفل معهد PLC بتأمين سفرهم الى الهند واقامتهم فيها، ليتيح لهم تمثيل لبنان والمشاركة في المباراة العالميّة التي تنظمها شركة UCMAS بتاريخ 5/12/2015 في الهند كما تمّ توزيع ميداليات وهدايا على جميع المشاركين لتميّزهم في مدارسهم.
المشرفة التربوية - هيام عثمان

معًا .... نحمي الموارد الطّبيعيّة  - Elementary School

14 May 2015



بادر المتعلّمون في الصّفّ الثّاني الأساسي، تحت محور نتشارك الكوكب، إلى إعادة استخدام بقايا النّفايات المنزليّة والمخلّفات للتّقليل منها. كما عمدوا إلى اعداد ملصقات ولافتات تحفّز المجتمع المدرسي على اتخاذ عادات متوازنة في حياتهم اليوميّة، تساعد في التّخفيف من هدر الطّاقة والمياه وبالتّالي العمل للحفاظ على الموارد الطّبيعيّة.
رانيا الزعتري – رنا قصب



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