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ثانوية حسام الدين الحريري

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- رزنامة المواعيد للعام الدراسي 2014-2015 -  أيام الثلاثاء، الأربعاء والخميس في 2و3و4 أيلول: امتحانات الإكمال في القسم الابتدائي، المتوسط والثانوي - أيام الثلاثاء، الأربعاء، الخميس والسبت في 2و3و4و6 أيلول التسجيل للعام الدراسي 2014 – 2015  -  رزنامة المواعيد للعام الدراسي 2014-2015

حفل تخرج قسم الروضات  - Preschool

26 June  2014


حفل تخرج القسم الابتدائي  - Elementary School

25 June  2014


حفل تخرج الدفعة السادسة  - High School

18 June  2014


Community Service Project 8: Donations for Kids with Cancer  - High School

27 June  2014


Bringing smiles to sick children’s faces, finding cures for them to live normally, and reducing their pain has been of utmost importance to us, Community Service members. Therefore, we have proceeded with an action plan that aims to support the families of kids diagnosed with cancer in Lebanon. This plan springs from our belief that getting through each day in life is hard enough without being sick! Imagine getting through each day with cancer! Thus, with the aid of “Tonino”, who was more than eager to help when he knew the cause, we held a middle school/ high school crepe and fresco selling day that raised enough money to donate for a Lebanese cancer center that offers relief of the financial burden placed on parents of kids with cancer. This project came in line with a series of mini cafeteria days held in the elementary school playground with an aim of raising money to support the families of kids with cancer. Finally, we can proudly say that our efforts paid off, and we heartily THANK all PARENTS, who encouraged their children to buy our yummy goods and raised their awareness of our obligation to help others.
Dalia Sous- Community Service teacher

The Elementary Department Participating in the ATEL Reading Competition 2014 - Elementary School

26 June  2014


“The Map is not the Territory”, this is the slogan under which the competition was organized. Our 3rd, 4rth, and 5th graders were all warmed up to participate, to read in English, outside its Territory. The Association of Teachers of English in Lebanon partnered with Librairie du Liban Publishers for students to read different grade level appropriate titles from the “York Favourite Tales” and “Penguin ELT Readers” as far as elementary learners can read. They also designed two tasks, one of which is to be done by the participating student. The competition was introduced to students and followed up till they submitted they work. Almost all were involved, asking about the rules, the quality of their work, the deadlines, and most important to them were the prizes! Definitely, on the other hand, our ultimate goal was to get them to read and to write. A total of 145 students bought and read the story specified for their grade level and a total of 100 students submitted the project as designed by the organizers.
The task for this year was accomplished, and for the years to come more participations will be expected as we are trying our best to create lifelong readers, lifelong learners, who appreciate and use books all the way through.
Along are some pictures that captured the learners’ excitement and final projects.

Hala Al Kotob
PYP English Language Coordinator

نظافتي سرّ سعادتي  - Elementary School

26 June  2014


كثيرًا ما نقرأ قصصًا ونتأثّر بها، ولكن أحيانًا نودّ لو نكون من إحدى شخصيّاتها. فبعد قراءة قصّة "نظافتي سرّ سعادتي" الّتي تشجّع على النّظافة واحترام الآخرين مهما كان مظهرهم، وتعزيزًا لدور اللّغة الأمّ، قام تلاميذ الصّفّ المنهج الأجنبيّ للّغة العربيّة في القسم الإبتدائيّ بتجسيد هذه القصّة وتمثيلها أمام تلاميذ الصّفّ الأوّل الأساسيّ، وعرض بعض الرّقصات التّعبيريّة على أنغام الموسيقى ممّا خلق جوًّا مفعمًا من الحماس والبهجة.
ندى بعلبكيّ – منال كرجيّة

Les Anglophones et le français  - Elementary School

26 June  2014


Pour encourager les apprenants anglophones à communiquer en langue française et pour développer chez eux l’esprit international, la tâche de performance de l’unité «Comment nous nous exprimons» de la classe de CE 2 (Grade 3), consistait à préparer une pièce de théâtre pour la présenter en français.
Tout d’abord, les apprenants ont exploité l’histoire intitulée « C’est moi le plus beau », ils ont analysé le caractère de chaque personnage puis ils ont pris en charge la responsabilité de partager les rôles entre eux.
Durant la présentation, les apprenants ont démontré leur créativité, le développement de leur savoir-faire en communication et surtout leur confiance en soi en s’exprimant en français.

Nesrine Nakouzi
Enseignante du FLE au primaire

استضافة د. ربيعة ابي فاضل  - Middle School

18 June  2014


تعدّ القراءة من أهم المهارات الّتي تحقق النّجاح والمتعة في آن واحد، فالقراءة تكمّلنا في حياتنا سواء أكانت الشّخصية أم العملية، وهي مفتاح لأبواب المعارف والمعلومات على اختلاف أنواعها، وإن كان ديننا الإسلامي قد دعا إليها انطلاقاً من أولى الآيات المنزلة على رسولنا الكريم وهي ﴿ اقرأ﴾، فكان لا بدّ لأمّة اقرأ أن تقرأ، وتفيد من تلك المهارة لتصل إلى إثراء المخزون اللغوي، وتكوين معلومات مهمة وعديدة، بحيث يستثمر الطالب وقته فيما ينفعه، مكتسبًا الخبرات المتنوعة وثروة من العبارات والجمل والكلمات. ولأن المتعلّم حين يقرأ القصص يعمل على توسيع عقله ومداركه، تقرر بمناسبة أسبوع المطالعة أن يقرأ طلاب الصف السابع الأساسي قصة " رحلة الوروار" للنّاقد والشّاعر أ. د. ربيعة أبي فاضل، وبعد أن أتمّ الجميع قراءتها، استضافت مدرستنا الكاتب لكي يتعرف به الطلاب، ويطرحون عليه أسئلة عديدة أثارت ذهنهم، >>>MORE

معلمة اللغة العربية نورا مرعي

The Aoun Twins’ Participation and Recognition in the Third Annual Child and Youth Finance International Conference 2014  - High School

18 June  2014



Who said that children don’t have a saying in planning for their financial future? Who said that children don’t have to know about the world of banks and finance until they launch their careers? Who said that the world of entrepreneurship shouldn’t be probed unless you’re an experienced adult? The Finance and Me organization ( believes in the significance of enlivening financial literacy among children and urges educational communities to include financial education in their curricula. Hence this organization works on spreading the news about international contests that revolve around this concept: Youth Award in entrepreneurship, Financial Youth Landscape Award, Global Money Week Award and Country Award.

Hiba Chamandi

Grade 6 Scientists - Middle School

18 June  2014


Grade 6 students got the chance to observe plant and animal cells up close. After they learned about the differences in class, students played the role of scientists and applied the scientific method steps in the lab. They discovered the materials they need, prepared the slides and observed them using a microscope.
By applying this procedure, students made sure that they covered all the concepts and skills they’ve learned in class.

Zeina Huneini

Puppet Show - Middle School

7 June  2014


As an English Language teacher, I have often been amazed at how drama could be integrated in the English classroom. Drama gives ESL learners opportunities to develop their communicative skills in authentic and dynamic situations. Acting and performing roles from different situations for an audience prompt students to trust in their ideas and abilities. Moreover, it is a powerful tool that teaches cooperation, empathy for others, decision – making skills, and cooperative team work, since it encourages an exchange of knowledge among the learners.
6eme ESL proficient students reflected their profound knowledge and understanding of the reading unit through creating puppet shows in which they were requested to present real life characters in real life situations in a satire form. They displayed these fabulous shows to Grade 2 students who enjoyed such shows and were active while sharing their reflections with students. Such activities intensify the bond between the two divisions and motivate the ESL students to practice speaking English in authentic situations.

Mrs. Amani Soussi (English Language teacher)

Faites de la lecture une activité amusante!

- Elementary School - 29 May 2014


Lire c’est la porte d’entrée dans le monde du savoir, de la créativité et de l’avenir.
Les apprenants en classe de CE1 et CM1 ont abordé la lecture d’une nouvelle perspective. Les CE1 ont présenté le conte: « le Petit Poucet » lu par l’enseignante de CM1 sous forme d’une pièce théâtrale. Ils ont incarné les personnages du conte et l’ont animé à leur guise.
Suite à cet échange, l’enseignante de CE1 a lu un album sans parole intitulé: ”L’histoire d’une petite souris”, les CM1 ont interprété l’histoire chacun de sa propre perspective. Puis ils ont essayé d’inventer par groupe de 4 une histoire sans parole. Cette histoire créée était complétée par les CE1 qui ont essayé de la raconter à l’écrit.
La lecture était vraiment un moyen de se divertir, de s’évader, de développer leur esprit imaginaire……

Zeina Zaatary - Farah Hankir

Grade 1 Art Experience - Elementary School

29 May 2014


The unit under the transdisciplinary theme of “How we organize ourselves” was very enthusiastic and enjoyable for grade 1 learners, who looked at "product processing" through an artistic lens and applied the stages of processing to produce an artwork by creating their own material. All the work started when they mixed the materials together and realized the change that happened when the flour, oil, water, and salt have transformed into salt dough. After planning for their artworks and creating them, the learners observed their sculpture over time, discussed, and realized why the sculpture changed in texture. Later, grade 1 learners experimented different forms of art; they painted the sculptures and added their details with collage. Alongside, learners were reflecting on each stage of their artwork on their sketch books.
Hiba Bizri - Art Teacher

Tournoi Ambassadeurs en HERBE grande finale 2014 à L’ UNESCO Paris - High school

21 May 2014


La finale du tournoi AEH à Paris s’est déroulée au siège de L’ UNESCO du 11 à 15 mai 2014 pour célébrer la responsabilité, la diversité culturelle et le plurilinguisme, l’excellence oratoire et la liberté d’expression à la française.
50 élèves représentants des 13000 élèves des lycées français dans le monde ont participé à cet évènement pour se débattre autour du thème «climat et responsabilité, des idées, de l’ambition, de la créativité pour changer demain».
Notre lycéen Al WALID EL KOTOB (classe de seconde) représentant le Makassed Saida – Lycée Houssam Eddine Hariri a été, pour la zone proche orient, le (best) médiateur sélectionné pour cette grande finale, où il a fait un discours en anglais extrêmement énergique et convaincant sur la façon dont les jeunes peuvent changer le monde.
Félicitations Al WALID.

Play dough Can Still be used to Fight, Debate, or Argue - High school

21 May 2014


Despite being fifteen years old, students still enjoy play dough and reveal excellence and higher order thinking and analysis skills when using it. In an attempt to start the unit of inquiry about argumentation with the focus on the question, “How can people build winning arguments?” students and I had to build a common understanding for the terminology to be used throughout the unit. Fighting, Debating, and arguing all revolve about conflicts that lead to arguments, yet they are very different terms that many students are confused with. To start on solid grounds, students needed to think about the connotation each holds and be able to distinguish the different uses of each. For this purpose, students were divided into three groups, and they were first asked to think about what each term means to them and how it distinguishes itself from the other. Then, they were asked to discuss these terms in their groups and then with their classmates. >>>MORE
Zeina Dbouk

Student LED Conference - Preschool

17 May 2014




.  Preschool: ستقبال مدرستنا لحملة تبرّع لجمعية الصليب الأحمر اللبناني 

. Elementary School: Communicators of CM2 - (Grade 5 A)

. Middle School: Kidz Mondo

. High School: A Tour around the Globe and an International Partnership 

. School Activities: IATEFL Conference – Harrogate UK







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