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11 March 2017

Eating healthy is a journey shaped by many factors including our stage of life, preferences, access to food, culture, and traditions.
Since the school plays a crucial role in the learners’ life, I have introduced the MyPlate concept to the elementary school learners to teach them about the importance of health at a young age, which can have a huge impact on their current health, behavior, and their future lifestyle as well.
MyPlate is divided into four sections: 30% grains, 40% vegetables, 10% fruits, & 20% proteins, accompanied by a small circle, representing dairy, such as yogurt or a glass of milk.
The young learners were encouraged to replace whole milk with skimmed milk, white bread with whole grain bread, and to reduce sodium and sugar intakes. This, in addition to maintaining hygiene while eating their snacks by using table mats and of course, wet wipes when needed.
Our learners took the action since week one by switching their chocolate snacks into biscuits and fruits, artificial juices into fresh ones, and some included nuts and dried fruits in their snacks and brought self-made table mats.
To ensure the consistency and the effectiveness of the application of this concept, daily rounds have been made during snacks, where close observation of the class teachers, which keeps up learners reflecting and enthusiastic.

Hala Shaddad - Elementary School Nurse