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IB Diploma Programme Category 2 Workshops in Dubai

25 June 2018

Attending IBDP Category Two workshops in Raffles World Academy, Dubai on April 19, 2018 was great privilege to us as these workshops are considered a continuity for the professional development that the DP staff has undergone since the school authorization by IBO. On April 2017, Houssam Eddine Hariri High School proudly received the official authorization from the IBO to teach the Diploma Programme with great hopes that it becomes the beginning of a rewarding learning journey for our students and for us, the teachers, who took on this noteworthy challenge. Since then, we have had the opportunity to attend Category One workshops, student seminars at IB schools across Lebanon, joint CAS experiences, and job-alike sessions, and thus meeting expert teachers and effectively connecting with the IB community. To pursue our learning journey, it was due time to attend Category Two workshops in order to advance our knowledge and skills, enhance our teaching effectiveness and promote professional growth. The workshops attended were Math- Higher Level by Louma Kotob, Physics by Mada Antar, TOK by Zeina Dbouk and Biology by Roweida Bawab. These workshops proved extremely useful as they allowed us to gain in-depth knowledge of the internal and external assessments our students have to undertake throughout the two-year Diploma Programme. During the workshops, we had face-to-face encounters with experienced IB teachers who have already had unique teaching experiences within international settings. This engaging and rewarding opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals is what spurs us on as professionals within the field.

IBDP Teachers ~ Mrs. Louma Kotob- Mrs Mada Antar- Mrs Zeina Dbouk- Miss Roweida Bawab