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Educational journey to Oxford university during the summer

02 October 2017

City of Dreaming Spires

"She was not built out of common stone
But out of all men’s yearning and all prayer
That she might live, eternally our own,
The Spirit’s stronghold—barred against despair." -C.S Lewis, "Oxford"
I have always been accustomed to reading poems and pieces by William Wordsworth, Oscar Wilde, and T.S Eliot, but all my readings ignited in my soul as I was honored to visit the city that inspired these writers. A scholarship to attend the Oxbridge Summer Seminar housed in Corpus Christi College brought me to the "city of dreaming spires" as described by the highly respectable Professor James G. Basker, and that was definitely the warm epitome of my summer.
I spent an entire week attending courses from English Literature to Business, and with every course my internal desire to transcend all limits and only yearn for excellence was spurred even further. On an even more personal level, I learned that education is not just a certificate that would get you into the workforce but a never-ending desire to learn and ask questions, to grow and reach out to full potentials, and to go beyond the norms of the world in order to change it. I got introduced to a culture where you were not judged by how many shoes you have or how many outfits you manage to squeeze into the week but how many books you read and how long you can keep a sophisticated conversation going.

In addition to the soul-feeding ambience of the college, I was lucky enough to befriend people from all around the world and become a legitimate ambassador of my country and my school, for I was the only person coming directly from Lebanon.
Amongst the extra curricular activities were visiting several museums, becoming part of the English tea experience, and playing the game of cricket.
However, Oxford was such a magical place for me with so much history and so much legacy that even the stones had their interesting stories to tell.
That's why, I highly recommend students able to attend this program to take the initiative in order to better their education because as George Whitman said, " All the world is my school and all humanity is my teacher." Eventually, no place in the world is out of our reach, for if education is the key to everything, then the key to education would definitely be our initiative.

Lea Bou Salman

Grade 12