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PSAT ā€“ April 2018

28 May 2018

In the era of rising academic standards, HHHS is committed to investing in new standardized tests that bring added value to students by helping them overcome stress, reduce anxiety and disappointment, and improving their academic outcomes. In addition to that, we continuously aim to help students score high enough to qualify them for acceptance and even scholarships to universities of their choice.
Test anxiety and fear of the unknown can have a negative impact on students taking the SAT for the first time. We have noticed that juniors and seniors on their first SAT trial will have undeniable anxiety no matter how vigorously they will deny it. This anxiety can be reduced if a student goes in knowing what to expect.
In order to have an understanding of the entire situation they are entering, this year 10th graders got the opportunity to experience the PSAT, an exam that simulates the format, time constraints, and the atmosphere that students can expect to face during their actual SAT. After taking the PSAT on April 18, students become accustomed to the silence, the shuffling of papers, and the proctor speaking in a clipped tone, informing them that their time is up for a certain section. They are pleased for this early opportunity that helps them identify potential strength and weaknesses. We truly believe that PSAT takers will have, at the very least, a psychological advantage over their peers as well as the experience of sitting for a lengthy and rigorous standardized test. They will be much more prepared, relaxed, and confident when taking their SAT.
After PSAT scores are released, we offer students reports that provide insightful information about their individual performance on their assessment including their scores, links to develop an action plan for college planning, core course work, and information about career profiles. Students will link the results to KHAN Academy Web site to get a personalized practice recommendations based on their scores. The most important piece of studentsā€™ PSAT score report is the percentile rank. This shows their performance on the test relative to other students in their grade level. Proudly, we have accomplished the top score band in Math, the highest percentile (99th sample percentile). This indicates that this student scored better than 99% of the other students who took the test. Congratulations!
To conclude, we highly recommend that every student take the PSAT in order to have a better idea on how the actual test will look like, to work well under pressure and know how to manage time. Consequently, they will learn that it takes much studying to do well on the SAT.
We promise to continue our dedication to ensure that our students are fully prepared for success on official external exams and to provide a promising future for every graduate.

Nadine Zeidan - High School  University Counselor